The basis for the work of We Effect is the perception that poverty is not only lack of money, but also lack of power. This lack of power is one of the main obstacles for people living in poverty to improve their situation.

SDG: Sights set on 2030

We Effect works for a sustainable and just world free of poverty. Our strategic ambitions go hand in hand with the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN.

Supporting partners creating space

We Effect is a professional development organisation with extensive experience of working with democracy development and poverty reduction. We support our partners to create space in a number of ways.

Local partnership

Working in partnership with local member-based organisations is a fundamental aspect of the way we work. Supporting local organisations instead of individuals ensures long-term sustainable development.

Sustainable rural development

Sustainable rural development is We Effect’s largest thematic working area. We Effect supports smallholder farmers and their organisations. Our support is integral and includes organisational, business and production development.

Adequate housing and habitat

We Effect supports the growth of cooperative housing associations that are self-managed. We support organisations that defend and demand people’s right to adequate housing.


A first step toward integration

ALBANIA: In Albania, children living in poverty are offered a trouble-free zone, away from the turbulence and turmoil of everyday life. The project is a collaboration between We Effect and Världens barn (Children of the World). The smell of mold and moist lies dense in the dark one-room apartment in southern Albania that the Kollona […]

“We held each other and begged for God to save us”

Today, Wednesday the 8th of November marks four years since Haiyan (locally called Yolanda), one of the world’s deadliest typhoons, struck the Philippines. For the survivors, it seems just like yesterday. Am I allowed to cry during an interview? Tears flow down my cheeks onto the paper below, as I attempt to summarize Jonalyn Bernal’s […]

Lobbyist award boosts grass root activists in Nairobi’s slum

KENYA: With the money and honor Rachael Mwikali, the first Lobbyist for Change winner, can do more in the fight for poor people’s rights in Kenya. Now she calls for nominations of other young people and women for this year’s prize. –  It is a big gift to us. Most of the time we use […]

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