Results Europe 2018

Ilirjana and Behar Dunga. Photo: Malin von Strauss.
Ilirjana and Behar Dunga. Photo: Malin von Strauss.


  • In 2018, the Europe programme reached 30 564 members (47.6% women) in the rural areas and 246 local organisations participated in the programme activities in the region.
  • 30 new study circle groups were created in the region, with 312 new members, out of which 296 are women.


  • 180 farmers, producing fruit in the Korca region, were trained in integrated pest management as a precondition for GAP standard certification.
  • We Effect partner organisation Amaro-Drom organised trainings on new technologies in agricultural production. In total 347 farmers participated (130 women).
  • We Effect partner organisation AgroPuka established a demonstration plot with local herbs and berries that are at risk due to climate change. The plot is used for training of students and AgroPuka members, on the importance on environment protection.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • 20 smallholder women farmers In Bosnia and Herzegovina have built greenhouses and received training in organic production. The women’s businesses have given a total of 2 000 m2 of vegetable production.


  • We Effect partner organisation Initiative for Kosovo Community organised 6 agricultural fairs that enabled 249 farmers (165 women) to sell their products and generate an income.
  • During 2018, 203 farmers (185 women) were trained in financial management of associations, organisational management, marketing, and development of business plans.
  • 113 rural women participated in informative sessions on women’s property and land rights, organised by We Effect partner organision Initiative for Kosova Community.


  • 990 farmers, out of which 342 are women, received training in climate change adaptation technologies, through We Effect partner organisation. In addition, 1 123 farmers have increased their skills in Conservative and Ecological Agriculture, through newly established Field Schools.
  • The volume of sales of 4 milk cooperatives increased from 634,900 EUR in 2017 to 913,946 EUR in 2018, as a result of Technical Assistance and training programmes, involving 975 members (702 women).
  • 70 farmers where trained and certified in Conservative and Sustainable Practices in Agriculture.

North Macedonia

  • As a result of the reforms and changes in organisational procedures supported by We Effect, the participation from delegates of member organisations of National Federation of Farmers increased at the General Assembly from 27 to 63 between 2017 and 2018. The participation of women farmers increased from 6 to 27.
  • We Effect partner organisation National Roma Centrum established six study circles with 53 Roma women members.
  • We Effect partner organisations NFF and NRC submitted shadow reports on the discrimination against rural and Roma women in North Macedonia to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women.