Call for engagement of Market System Development (MSD) Advisor/s (back stopper/s)


We Effect is a development organisation founded by the Swedish cooperative movement in 1958 to support the development of democratic organisations and societies. In our international development cooperation programmes, we are applying a human rights-based approach supporting people living in poverty to secure their rights.

We Effect works in 25 countries in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa through our regional offices in partnership with local CSOs, farmer organisations, cooperative federations and other democratic organisations. For more information, see

We Effect Regional Office for Europe was established in 2017 in Skopje, North Macedonia. Europe region is supporting 11 partner organisations in the region under the programme Empower Europe. The regional team currently consists of 8 staff members and is based in Skopje. The support is directed for North Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Moldova.

With financing from Sida, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, a new project for rural development aiming for a Market System Development (MSD) approach is being launched in North Macedonia, IISEE – Income Increase and Socio-Economic Empowerment of Vulnerable and Marginalized Groups from Rural and Sub-Urban Areas 2021-2023, in collaboration with several national organisations in North Macedonia.

The main outcomes of the project are:

Outcome 1. Rural enterprises, small farmers/producers grow and provide more income and employment opportunities for the people from the rural area, women and youth in particular.

Outcome 2. Local communities are resilient and sustainable, providing support in rural development, especially for poor members of the communities in the selected market systems.

Outcome 3. More Roma people have the capacities and the access to the job market, to take up employment and business opportunities in the selected market systems.

Outcome 4: Organisational development.

We Effect Regional Office Europe is hiring MSD Advisor/s to provide high quality technical services in We Effect’s growing portfolio in Market System Development programming and to support the implementation of the newly launched MSD project.

The MSD Advisor/s will work with the Project Implementation Unit (PIU). The PIU will consist of the regional management, project manager, facilitators, co-facilitators (National Federation of Farmers, Rural Development Network, National Roma Centrum) monitoring and result measurement (MRM) persons and finance and admin personnel.

 Scope of the assignment and main tasks

  • The Advisor/s will work in close collaboration with the PIU.
  • Provision of initial training (capacity building) on MSD and market analysis for the members of the PIU.
  • Support the process of market analysis. To verify that the initial market systems selected are still valid, we will use capacity building of the team combined with the market assessment through Literature review and Rapid Assessment and interviews.
  • Support the sector Assessments and Verification of Markets and Intervention Portfolio.
  • Training for Intervention development and result chains.
  • Support the Pilot Interventions development.
  • Support the development of Monitoring and Result Measurement (MRM) System.
  • Support the process of preparation Inception Report with respective deliverables. The Inception Report will be consisted of: Market Strategy (Market Sector Strategies), Theory of Change, LFA Result Matrix, updated Intervention areas with list of interventions and updated Budget. In addition, the MRM system will be described.

Prior the start of the assignment, the MSD Advisor/s (back-stopper/s) will design and submit the Action Plan for realisation of the main tasks listed above.

 Requirements and skills

  • Relevant degree in Business, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Development Studies or similar.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in Macedonian and English.
  • Extensive knowledge of local economic development, particularly market systems development (MSD/M4P), private sector development and entrepreneurship in the international development context.
  • Hands on experience utilising the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED) Standard for Results Measurement in market systems or value chain programs.
  • Experience in design, monitoring and evaluation in economic development programs.
  • Experience in undertaking research and economic analysis, analyse findings and make use of information in practical ways (e.g. market assessments, value chain assessments).

Duty travel & accommodation 

For this specific assignment, travels for field activities will be handled and organized in coordination with the PIU. As for accommodation, should such need arise under this assignment, it will be organized and covered by We Effect. Reimbursement of additional costs for travel and accommodation will not be accepted under this assignment.

Coordination & reporting  

All of the planning, timing, implementation and reporting of the activities will be in coordination with the PIU and approved by the Project Manager.

Time frame

The assignment period covers the Inception Phase of the project starting from May 2021 to April 2022.

The minimum estimated average number of working days per month is 5.

The total number of working days for the entire assignment will not exceed 130 working days during the entire contracted period.

Process of application

The Applicants should submit the following documents to all these email addresses:, and latest by Apr 26 2021:

  • Cover letter describing how you would best match the tasks listed and the requirements and skills.
  • Copy of valid registration (not older than one year; not applicable for individual applicants).
  • CV of the advisor(s) who will be performing the assignment.
  • Reference table of the legal entity’s/advisor’s experience listing the MSD projects/assignments that will include information on:
    1. brief description of the project / assignment (no more than 100 words);
    2. value of contract in EUR;
    3. donor/contracting party;
    4. year of realization; and
    5. links to projects/activities reports.
  • Financial offer for an all-inclusive daily fee expressed in Euros including all applicable local taxes.
  • Declaration of relationships (signed).

 Selection criteria

The selection of the application will be based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of the application including experience and qualifications of the applicant(s) – 60%
  • Financial Offer – 40%

Scoring of the financial offer: The offer with the lowest price shall receive the highest grade. The other offers with higher prices shall receive the respective score according to the following formula: highest grade x (Lowest Bid / Proposed Bid).

Terms of payment

Terms of payment will be defined in the Contract for the assignment.

Declaration of relationships

The Applicant shall describe if their organization/employees have any business or personal relationships with closely associated party from We Effect, its Regional Office in Skopje, its governing bodies and employees or with any of the co-facilitating organizations (National Federation of Farmers, Rural Development Network, National Roma Centrum).

Closely associated party (persons, physical or legal) as per We Effect’s definition is considered person who has the possibility to exert control over, or significant influence on, the other person when it comes to financial and operative decision-making concerning an activity. The purpose of the Declaration is to disclose such information which makes the application and evaluation process more transparent and supports the bids in its relevance according to conditions on the open market.

 Additional information

The agreement will be signed only by prior approval by the back-donor Sida.


We Effect’s contact person for this procurement is Anneli Leina – Regional Director. ( (