About us

We Effect was founded in 1958 to support the development of democratic organisations and societies that have the capacity to articulate the rights and needs of their members in respect of work, influence, services, incomes and livelihoods.

We Effect works in some 25 countries in Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa through our regional offices in partnership with local CSO, farmer organisations, cooperative federations and other democratic organisations.

We Effect applies a human rights-based approach in its international development cooperation programmes, assisting people living in poverty to secure their rights and entitlement to adequate living conditions and broad empowerment.

We Effect targets women in partner organisations to secure them the same rights and entitlements as men, especially to own and control land and access to financial resources.

The core strategy is to strengthen cooperatives of women and men living in poverty through membership-based democracy, long-term economic thinking, social responsibility and transparency.

The target groups are partner organisations and their existing and potential members. Partner organisations include farmer organisations, housing cooperatives, and savings and credit association. Strategic partnerships are established with expert organisations involved in human rights, academia and advocacy.

Two main thematic fields are pursued:

    • Sustainable rural development, including support for farmers’ own organisations, organisational and business development, advocacy, technical advice, sustainable farming and food production training and adaptation to climate change.
    • Adequate housing, including support for cooperative housing organisations, advocacy and technical advice and education and training.

We Effect differentitates and tailors its inteverentions. It runs independent pilot projects that ae a mode, provide evidence or demonstrate best practises. Improved governance and management is provided through Oranisational Development. We Effect also engages in humanitarian assistance and disaster prevention in areas where there are droughts, floods and other natural disasters. Support includes practical climate change adaption interventions that increase resilience.