World Cooperative Day: Rebuild Better Together in Housing Cooperatives

Rebuild Better Together in Housing Cooperatives. With support from We Effect, Uganda Housing Co-operative Union, Shelter and Settlements Alternatives and Mukono Multi-Purpose youth organisations continue to defend and demand people’s right to adequate housing.

In the spirit of the cooperative movement, we continue to support people to be stronger, stand up for international solidarity, and contribute to a better world. People grow stronger when they organise themselves and work together.

Uganda Housing Cooperative Union Ltd: Upskills its members in practical construction and the production of liquid soap enabling members who have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic or otherwise, to diversify their income.

Shelter and Settlements Alternatives: Uganda Human Settlements Network has supported groups to form housing co-operatives through active partnerships, supporting relevant policy advocacy initiatives to develop and strengthen related co-operative policies like the Housing Policy (2016). This policy promotes housing co-operatives, the new co-operative act 2020 and other relevant frameworks. One of the initiatives that we have adopted to make adequate housing in Uganda a reality is the Housing Co-operative Model.

Mukono Multi-Purpose Youth Organisation (MUMYO): Initiative’s main objective was to ensure that communities in the area could rebuild and access clean water; preventing the dire effects of COVID-19.

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