We Effect promotes the expansion of the cooperative housing model that focuses on self-determination, joint construction and collective ownership. Local housing cooperatives are strengthened and engage in advocacy for housing to be considered a fundamental human right as well as lobbying policy makers and politicians to facilitate access to government credit for housing construction for people living in poverty.

Ramona Gurdian, Nicaragua. Foto: Marcus Lundstedt

Local small farmer organizations and cooperatives strengthen their knowledge of more productive and efficient sustainable farming practices to achieve higher yields, as well as finding markets for their products.

Support is also given to female farmers’ associations which lobby on laws concerning land ownership and equal rights and opportunities for women in cooperative organizations. Cooperatives lobby decision-makers for greater access to government social programmes for people living in poverty and credit for housing construction enabling people to more fully exercise their citizenship. In Nicaragua, We Effect works on the principle of fair resource allocation, ensuring that at least half of our aid targets women.