Peralta Brizuela family, Los Bañados, Asunción. Foto: Emilio Sanabria

We Effect supports local farmer organizations and cooperative associations so that they can defend the interests of farmers and better offer technical, administrative and education services to their members. We Effect also supports housing cooperatives where members build together their homes according to a cooperative housing model that imbues self-determination and collective construction and ownership of houses. Support also goes to farmer and indigenous peoples’ organizations that advocate for land rights; people living in poverty develop capacities to more effectively defend their rights and lobby for greater democracy and transparency at local and national levels as well as influencing policy and decision-makers.


Farmer organizations develop their knowledge on sustainable and organic agriculture, as well as the importance of diversifying production for greater household food security and health consumption as well as how to avoid crop failure and loss of earnings. In Paraguay We Effect works on the principle of fair resource allocation, ensuring that at least half of our aid targets women.