Photo: Fredrik Lerneryd
Photo: Fredrik Lerneryd
We Effect’s regional office for Eastern Africa is located in Nairobi, Kenya. In Eastern Africa, we operate within two fields; sustainable rural development and adequate housing. Our work promotes and supports gender equality all through.

After participating in a financial services training held by Kakuyuni Farmers Cooperative Society Limited, Hellen Ngina in Kangundo, Kenya saved up and invested in a cow.

Sustainable rural development: In Kenya, we focus on strengthening the ability of smallholder coffee, milk and forest farmers to adopt sustainable farming methods, provide food for their families and live of the sale of their products. This is done by increasing agricultural productivity and income, particularly for women, by better access to markets and promoting value addition. One focus area is to ensure that women, smallholder farmers and other marginalized groups can save and borrow money as well as plan their finances. Meeting the youth unemployment crisis with training on entrepreneurship, agribusiness and financial services is also an important part of our work.

Adequate housing: In both urban and rural Kenya, we promote the right to  adequate housing and access to and control of land. Our partners in the housing sector support the homeless to form cooperatives and methods for saving, as well as advocating for decent housing for all.

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Meet the people in Kenya

Wendy Kipsoi, 32, has always had a dream of owning a house. However, despite her efforts to save money on her own for this objective, she couldn’t raise the required amount. So, when an opportunity to be part of a housing cooperative came through in 2018, she embraced it with both hands.


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