We Effect Europe Region

In the Europe Region We Effect are present in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Moldova and North Macedonia.

We Effect’s work in Europe aims to support the countries adaptation to the EU, through strengthening civil society organisations and empowering their members. Political instability is one of the challenges – knowledge and rights are the way forward.

Gender equality

Women and youth across the region are especially deprived in terms of employment, resources, power and voice. We Effect promotes and supports gender equality in the Europe region within sustainable rural development. Equality between women and men is essential to achieve sustainable global development.

Rural development

To be able to integrate and equally compete in the European market, We Effect and partners seek to empower farmers to: strengthen their voice in society, increase their income as well as technical and entrepreneurial skills, and raise their environmental awareness.

Social inclusion and democracy

We Effect promotes social inclusion through reconciliation. We also support minority rights, strengthening knowledge and capacities, as well as facilitating corporation in various social and business-related initiatives. 

Europe programme

The We Effect Europe programme (2018-2022) is a multi-country programme, primarily focusing on sustainable rural development. The main emphasis is on national structures but also includes elements of regional processes, synergies and structures.

The strategic focus areas of the programme are organisation development, business development, gender equality, human rights, as well as the inclusion of minority groups and reconciliation in countries affected by inter-ethnic/religious conflicts.

The programme functions as a platform to promote sustainable dialogue and regional cooperation.

We Effect also works through different national projects.

Partnership approach

In Europe, We Effect collaborates with local partner organisations – which are member-based and represent the voice of the smallholder farmers and other vulnerable groups.

Jointly we advocate and work for economically, environmentally and socially sustainable agriculture and rural development with a gender perspective.

Alliances and networks

To strengthen rural development in the Western Balkan, We Effect provides support to the Balkan Rural Development Network. The goal is for Balkan Rural Development Network to become an active and accountable regional actor that will contribute to sustainable socio-economic development of the rural areas in the Western Balkan region.