What we do

In its development cooperation, We Effect uses a variety of strategies and methods. They all aim at achieving the mission to, through a mutual partnership, strengthen local and democratic civil society organisations so that their members can improve their living conditions, enforce accountability of duty-bearers, defend their rights and contribute to a more just world.

Sustainable rural development

Sustainable rural development is We Effect’s largest thematic working area. We Effect supports smallholder farmers and their organisations. Our support is integral and includes organisational, business and production development.

Adequate housing and habitat

We Effect supports the growth of cooperative housing associations that are self-managed. We support organisations that defend and demand people’s right to adequate housing.

Gender equality

We Effect targets women in partner organisations to secure them the same rights and entitlements as men, especially to own and control land and access to financial resources.


The rights perspective is central in our activities. We constantly seek to strengthen our own and our partners’ ability to apply a rights based approach.

Land rights

We Effect supports cooperatives and farmer organisations that are pressing for the right to land for small-scale farmers and indigenous peoples.

Financial inclusion

Financial services designed for women and men with limited resources is an important tool in all We Effect’s areas of work.

Environment and climate change

We Effect has long experience of working with environmental issues, especially in relation to rural development.

Yamileth de Socorro with her grandson, Alexi Castro.

Global Advocacy

We Effect has defined three topics where the organisation will develop its own advocacy positions and activities. The topics are gender equality, the right to land and cooperative development. We Effect supports rooted advocacy. This means that We Effect supports partner organisations to develop their own advocacy capacity and that We Effect will plan and design its own advocacy actions to support the voice of partner organisations.