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Head office We Effect
Phone +46(0)8 120 371 00
Fax +46(0)8 657 85 15
Address: We Effect, Östgötagatan 90
100 61 Stockholm

Chairman of the Board
Ann-Charlott Folkesson

Authorised Financial Accountant
Lars Wennberg, PWC

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Management Team Head Office

Anna Tibblin

Secretary General

Andreas Dolk

Director International Department

Ewa Rutqvist Holmstedter

Administrative Director

Daniela Fitger


Marcus Lundstedt

Director Media and Advocacy

Mohammed Mohsen

Marketing Director

Siân Maseko

Head of Technical Unit, Senior Gender Advisor

Eva Åberg

Director Vi Agroforestry Department

Saif Omar

M&E and Resource Mobilisation Advisor Vi Agroforestry Department

International Department

Andreas Dolk

Director International Department

Johanna Leander

Development Programme Advisor

Hanna Barvaeus

Regional Programme Officer för Eastern Africa

Sigrid Bergfeldt

Regional Programme Officer for Southern Africa

Karin Henningsson

Regional Programme Officer for Latin America

Linnea Karlsson

Regional Programme Officer for Asia and Europe

Siân Maseko

Head of Technical Unit, Senior Gender Advisor

Pricilla Cubo

Environment, Climate Change and Resilience Officer Technical Unit

Dorothy Kipsang

Program Coordinator Financial Services Technical Unit

Belén Sobrino

Global Adviser Knowledge, Learning and Methods Technical Unit

Amos Wekesa

Global Food Security and Sustainable Livelihoods Advisor Technical Unit

Nina Larrea

Regional Director Asia

Annelie Leina

Regional Director Europe

Pia Stavås Meier

Regional Director Latin America

George Onyango

Regional Director Eastern Africa

Maria Taddesse

Regional Director Southern Africa