Farmer conversation between Sweden and Uganda

On 27th August 2021,we hosted a virtual dialogue between two young farmers from Sweden and Uganda. The conversation was between Elisabeth Hidén 25- year-old from Hjo South- Central Sweden, president of the Federation of Young Swedish farmers who also works as an agronomist and salesman at the cooperative business Lantmännen and Kabahanda Bath from Bubukwanga village, a cocoa and poultry farmer with Semuliki Cooperative in Western, Uganda.

The two farmers shared experiences and challenges affecting them as young farmers from different continents during the conversation. Kabahanda shared her joys as a farmer and seeing her crops flourishing, healthy and seeing people enjoy what she produces.

On the other hand, Elisabeth and her husband engage in dairy farming on leased out land where they take care of the forestry themselves and is always ecstatic growing a good product for the environment.

On top of that, she wears her hat as the president of the Federation of Young Swedish farmers where she champions better conditions for young farmers, she also doubles up as an agronomist and a sales lady supporting farmers to get solutions for their produce.

As much as these two women young farmers register successes in their work, they experience challenges such as unpredictable weather patterns that cause landslides and bushfires, high land prices making it hard for young people to venture into agriculture and lack of government support to make agriculture profitable compared to other professions.

In future, Kabahanda hopes to diversify into other farm enterprises such as mushroom and pig farming. The two activities will require less land space and will not be adversely affected by the changing weather patterns.

They both expressed hope for the future and committed to collaborating on knowledge sharing. They are optimistic that technology will promote youthful farming and agricultural enterprise.

Written by

Catherine Waking'a