Fighting Covid-19 – by closing the digital gap

We Effect announce a new innovative project with 37 partner organizations in Latin America. By digitalizing trainings and other activities, the project will empower thousands of smallholder farmers, land, and environmental defenders to fight the effects of the corona pandemic. "Emphasis will be made in closing the technology gap for rural women rights defenders" says Linn Lukschandl, programme director for We Effect in Latin America.

Closing the technology gap for partner organisations make them more effective in their work.

– This is more needed than ever in the corona pandemic, where hunger and poverty is on the increase, says Linn Lukschandl.

Many partner organisations are reporting that their democratic space is shrinking even more in the corona crisis. There has been cases of increased violence and threats towards civil society member.

– In a context where governments are constantly on the look-out to limit the space for action for our partners, it is crucial to get them back on track with meetings, trainings, advocacy and their formal administrative obligations so they will not be taken away their legal right to operate, says Linn Lukschandl.

– Hopefully, what started as a crisis project will turn into a really wonderful opportunity to create conditions for our partners to then focus on their contribution to the right to food, says Linn Lukschandl.

The project is led by a Costa Rican cooperative Sulá Batsú, specialized in social uses of technology. The project will start with a study on the current digital gaps, in terms of connectivity, how and what kind of technology is being used right now by the human rights defenders’ organisations. An important aspect is making sure that no one is left behind: emphasis will be made in closing the technology gap for rural women rights defenders.

Written by

Marcus Lundstedt