Meet Anna Tibblin, new Secretary General at We Effect!

Anna Tibblin i Zimbawe. Foto: Ola Richardsson
Anna Tibblin in Zimbawe. Photo: Ola Richardsson


How do you feel?
– Wonderful, fun – and a bit nervous. It’s a big and important job and I’m very humble about the task.

What is We Effect’s most important mission?
– To reduce poverty and injustice! We will continue to work on what we do best, because we know that it works.

What is most important to reach that goal?
– We need to really want and work to truly change the world. It’s not enough to be good administrators of money – we need to be proficient in driving issues that are relevant to our partner organizations and the people they work with. Otherwise we have no eligibility. It’s important to remember that aid is a means to an end, not a goal in itself.

What do you see as the biggest obstacles on the way to making that happen?
– The lack of political will among decision-makers. And the lack of interest in people who can contribute to a better world, people like you and me. Poverty must be eradicated until 2030. We are in a hurry. We have a personal responsibility. We can only eradicate poverty by working together.

What do you think the world looks like in 2030 – when the Sustainable Development Goals are supposed to be achieved?
It will be a world free from poverty … a world where we reached the global goals and where the future is bright. We know that this is possible theoretically – then we must dare to believe it in practice.

Can We Effect – or we in a small nation like Sweden – really make a difference for these giant goals?
– Yes, sure we can! We have seen many examples where individuals and organizations have played a crucial role in history. We Effect focuses on what we do best. We work with others that complement us, by doing that we are building both knowledge and power.

Why should people and businesses support us?
– Because we deliver on what we promise. Our work really works. Our development work provides clear and sustainable results that make real difference in people’s lives, especially for women living in poverty.