We Effect and the EU sign agreement in El Salvador for the right to housing

The delegation of the European Union in El Salvador has signed a grant contract with We Effect, in order to contribute to the strengthening of human rights and democracy in the country. The project will be executed during the next three years and consists of an investment of 498,750 euros.

The project signed with We Effect in Latin America – Strengthening of social organizations for the construction of democratic societies for the right to housing and adequate housing in El Salvador – is intended to contribute to the fulfillment of the right to adequate and decent housing so as to overcome the social exclusion of the most vulnerable populations.

This initiative will strengthen the capacities of civil society organizations that promote the democratic participation of citizens and the articulation of organizations for the approval and application of State Housing and Habitat Laws and Programs in 39 municipalities of the country. The population will be benefited through information campaigns on citizenship education. Part of the actions included in the agreement are: a citizen training school on human rights, housing and habitat; training for the formulation of participatory proposals for the right to adequate housing and local and national exchanges of good practices.

According to a statement from the EU the agreement contributes to reiterate the commitment of the delegation of the European Union in El Salvador “to the defense and respect of human rights, as well as its support for organized civil society in El Salvador. The EU works with civil society, governments and other European organizations to join efforts, meet the sustainable development goals and continue to advance in the area of human rights”.