The Europe Programme

The Europe programme (2018-2022) is a multi-country programme, primarily focusing on sustainable rural development. The main emphasis is on national structures but also includes elements of regional processes, synergies and structures.

The programme functions as a platform to promote sustainable dialogue and regional cooperation.

The four pillars of the Europe programme:

A Strong and Vibrant Civil Society: To support and strengthen civil society organisations active in rural development, to deliver quality services to their members and to be a voice for their members in the public sphere.

Business and Production Development: Promote “agriculture as a business”, value addition, and value chain development, as well as improve access to financial services and linkages to markets. Promote standards such as Global GAP and EU harmonisation standards to enable a better environment for small holder farmers. Promote cooperatives and other models for cooperation. Facilitate adaptation and resilience of farmers as a response to climate change.

Gender Equality and Human Rights: Focus on women’s empowerment through access to economic opportunities and control over resources, as well as women in leadership positions and participation in decision making. 

Regional Cooperation and Socio-Economic Integration Promoted by CSO’s: Strengthen regional collaboration through regional networks and platforms. Strengthen national and regional advocacy mechanisms, such as Local Action Groups and national rural development networks.