With projects in more than twenty countries, we have numerous stories to share. We want rights holders of our projects to be heard, and this section is where you will find what we call “stories”, from around the world.


Building homes where everybody is equal

Five million families in the Philippines lack adequate housing, making life especially hard for women and girls. In an innovative new project, We Effect and partner JF Ledesma want to change that – by supporting women and men to live under the same, safe roof, as equals. – I saw a man shot dead outside […]

Finding alternatives to the factory floor

Half a million Cambodian women leave their homes and families every day to work in garment factories. We Effect’s new project is empowering women to find other, more sustainable sources of income. The people that make the shoes we are wearing are pouring out from truck after truck after truck. A thousand young women and […]

Florencia takes a stand through her organic farming

Florencia Díaz Baeza belongs to the agricultural cooperative Jerovia ha vy’a (Faith and Joy) that gathers nine families in a small village on the Paraguayan countryside. In a country where the state promotes crops that require large amounts of chemical pesticides, the cooperative has focused on organic farming methods and the rescuing of threatened seeds. […]

From victims of war – to women in business

Rural women in Sri Lanka are facing a new war. Against violence, lack of education and incomes. In a new partnership with Kaviya, We Effect Asia will empower 800 women to become entrepreneurs. – I remember the day the war came, we ran out and hid behind the trees. Our house was bombed that night. […]

Achieving gender equality where it’s most needed

A thousand years ago, ethnic minorities living in Vietnam’s mountainous regions were led by women. Today, women in these regions live in grim conditions and watch their children go hungry. In a new partnership with Chiase, We Effect Asia will empower minority women in the province of Bac Kan. CHO DON. She laughs a lot. […]

Empowering women to become leaders

Through a regional program launched by We Effect, hundreds of women from Guatemala in the north to Paraguay in the south, have received training through women’s schools. Women have become leaders not only of their organizations but also of their communities. − The women’s school has strengthened me as a woman, activist and a citizen. […]

A school where women’s stories are heard

In Latin America – the world’s most dangerous continent for women – abuse and violence are a part of the everyday life of many women and girls. In Paraguay, We Effect’s partner organization CONAMURI launched on gender based violence where the participants’ own narratives are part of the solution. In the green and lush backyard […]

“We are stronger, but will always be sad”

Almost everyone remembers the TV images of the big waves. Sachini Kaushalya doesn’t. She was there when the tsunami changed her life forever and took her friend away from her. Today Sachini supports other survivors to a safer future in Sri Lanka. Hanbantota district, southern Sri Lanka. The morning of December 26, 2004. The animals […]

A dynamic youth school produces the leaders of tomorrow

The participants’ laughter and chatter is heard from afar; it is clear that something exciting is about to happen. The youth school of the Project for Integral Economic Empowerment of Rural Mayan Women (PODEEIR) in Guatemala is about to start its third learning module. Around 30 youths from all over Guatemala have been chosen to […]

Coffee and gender equality give hope for the future

NICARAGUA. Antonieta Monzón and Victoria Talavera have worked for years in one of Nicaragua’s most important and male dominated industries – coffee production. Today, both are members of their coffee cooperative’s board, but the road there was long and winding. In the village of San Jerónimo, in Nicaragua’s northern mountain range, the inhabitants have lived […]

Teody lay down on the highway to save her home

A man soaks a puppy in gasoline and sets it on fire. Two hours later, thousands of families’ homes are in flames. We Effect´s Teody Gacer decided that evil people should not win and went to lie down on the highway to save her home. The super city of Metro Manila is today home to well […]

“We held each other and begged for God to save us”

Today, Wednesday the 8th of November marks four years since Haiyan (locally called Yolanda), one of the world’s deadliest typhoons, struck the Philippines. For the survivors, it seems just like yesterday. Am I allowed to cry during an interview? Tears flow down my cheeks onto the paper below, as I attempt to summarize Jonalyn Bernal’s […]

A first step toward integration

ALBANIA: In Albania, children living in poverty are offered a trouble-free zone, away from the turbulence and turmoil of everyday life. The project is a collaboration between We Effect and Världens barn (Children of the World). The smell of mold and moist lies dense in the dark one-room apartment in southern Albania that the Kollona […]

“Moving to our new house helped me leave those bad memories behind”

UGANDA: It is not about the roof and the walls. It is about improving living conditions and defending rights. The housing situation in Eastern Africa is alarming where 6 out of 10 of the urban population live in informal settlements. Hamidah Nantume used to be one of them. This is her story. “Where I was […]

Lobbyist award boosts grass root activists in Nairobi’s slum

KENYA: With the money and honor Rachael Mwikali, the first Lobbyist for Change winner, can do more in the fight for poor people’s rights in Kenya. Now she calls for nominations of other young people and women for this year’s prize. –  It is a big gift to us. Most of the time we use […]

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