A Coffee Farmer’s Journey of Transformation. Case story of Dinah Wayluba

Dinah Walyuba, Mt.Rwenzori, Uganda Photo: Catherine Waking'a
Dinah Walyuba, Mt.Rwenzori, Uganda Photo: Catherine Waking'a
Coffee farmers from Mt.Rwenzori, Uganda (Left) Bwambale Elisha and Dinah Walyuba (Right) . Photo: Catherine Waking’a

Dinah Walyuba, a coffee farmer from Kabatunda II Village, Bwesumbu subcounty, Rwenzori, Uganda, is experiencing a life-changing transformation, all thanks to the support and trainings provided by Long Miles also known as Lunar Coffee Ltd through the Bean to Cup project (BEACUP) a partnership project with We Effect and Isebwe Women Coffee Marketing Cooperative .

Bean to Cup (BECUP) project, a partnership between We Effect and Long Miles, he is now getting better returns from his coffee. The BECUP project is an inspiring initiative dedicated to promoting smallholder coffee production, quality, and income while advancing gender equality to improve the livelihoods of farmers.

Before their intervention, Dinah struggled to harvest only two bags of coffee per season, severely limiting her income and affecting her family’s standard of living.

However, after implementing the techniques and knowledge gained from the trainings by the Longmile coffee scout, Dinah’s coffee harvest significantly increased to four bags per season. This remarkable improvement brought a tremendous boost to her income, allowing her to make substantial changes in her life.

With newfound financial stability, she could afford to purchase essential items for her home, elevating the overall quality of life for her and her family.

The impact of Longmiles support extended far beyond the coffee fields. Dinah’s earnings rose from 3 million to 4 million Ugandan shillings per season, empowering her to provide her children with a better education by being able to pay their school fees comfortably. The burden that previously weighed heavily on her shoulders was now lifted, replaced by a sense of relief and hope for her children’s future.

Dinah’s improved financial situation has allowed her to meet her family’s daily needs without any struggle. “I can now visit the market and purchase food and necessities without worry, ensuring that my family’s well-being is adequately taken care of, says Dinah.

Coffee farmers from Mt.Rwenzori, Uganda (Left) Bwambale Elisha and Dinah Walyuba (Right) displaying coffee cherries from their farm. Photo: Catherine Waking’a

This newfound stability in their lives has positively impacted their overall happiness and health.

Moreover, Dinah made a wise decision to invest part of her increased earnings in buying goats and chickens. This not only provides her family with a reliable source of food but also creates an additional income stream. The livestock plays a crucial role in securing a sustainable future for Dinah and her family, enhancing their self-reliance and resilience.

Filled with gratitude, Dinah calls upon We Effect and Lunar Coffee Ltd to continue their invaluable support and trainings for coffee farmers in their community. She knows firsthand how transformative these trainings have been in her life and believes that they can bring about positive changes in the lives of many other farmers as well.

Dinah Walyuba’s story serves as a testament to the profound impact that dedicated support and knowledge-sharing initiatives can have on small-scale farmers and their communities. Through the unwavering commitment of Lunar Coffee Ltd , Dinah not only witnesses her coffee farm flourish but also experiences a ripple effect that uplifts her family and empowers her community to envision a brighter future.