A Tale of Apiculture, Poultry and Village Savings and Lending Groups in Remote Zimbabwe

WILSA Program Officer Advocate Fadzai with MAPA Members.
WILSA Program Officer Advocate Fadzai with MAPA Members.
In Murewa, Zimbabwe, Mutsa Chinyatsa's dream of a better life blooms. Supported by WILSA and We Effect, she and her fellow farmers thrive with bees, poultry, and a powerful savings group, proving that dreams take flight with knowledge, collaboration, and some empowerment.

Murewa, tucked into Zimbabwe’s rolling hills, whispers stories of resilience and change. One such story belongs to Mutsa Chinyatsa, a woman who, in 2015, dared to dream of a life beyond subsistence farming. With the gentle nudge of We Effect, a Swedish development organization, and the tireless support of WILSA, a Zimbabwean women’s rights champion, Mutsa’s dream began to take flight.

Mutsa Chinyatsa in the Pen-feeding Kraal. Photo: Bhekumusa/ROSA

It all started with a yearning for knowledge. Through workshops facilitated by WILSA, Mutsa and her fellow farmers in the Murewa area delved into the intricacies of sustainable agriculture. Armed with newfound skills and legal know-how, they forged their own path – the Murewa Agricultural Products Association (MAPA). No longer mere individuals, they were now a force to be reckoned with, a legally registered entity ready to embrace and conquer the marketplace.


WILSA helped the women of MAPA find places to sell their products. Now, MAPA can show off all the things they make. They collect 40 liters each harvest. Even the University of Zimbabwe buys from MAPA thanks to Women’s Affairs support. It’s like MAPA’s hard work paid off in a big way!

Mutsa’s ambition couldn’t be contained by a single harvest. WILSA, as the facilitator, connected them to fellow women in Domboshava, skilled in the art of flower-growing. Learning by their side, MAPA transformed their farm into a haven for flowers, providing not just beauty, but sustenance for their buzzing bees.

On the other side of her homestead, Mutsa, another kind of magic unfolded. Agritex, a government agricultural extension service, partnered with MAPA, providing guidance and support as they embarked on cattle fattening. What began with one timid cow blossomed into a herd, each new arrival enriching the land with precious manure – fuel for crops that, in turn, fed the growing livestock.

Knowledge, too, played a vital role in Mutsa’s journey. We Effect’s study circles, armed with informative books, empowered MAPA with insights into animal husbandry, ensuring healthy growth and bountiful yields.

Members of MAPA in Murewa during a field visit.

Within the haven of MAPA, Mutsa thrived. As the group’s manager, she orchestrated their Village Savings and Loan, where small contributions of just $2 each grew into a powerful tool for expansion and diversification. Together, they weathered challenges, celebrated successes, and built a future for themselves and their families.



Today, Mutsa stands tall, her voice ringing with gratitude. “My life has changed,” she declares, “Our business has grown, and our diverse approaches keep us strong.” On behalf of MAPA, she expresses heartfelt thanks to WILSA and We Effect, the invisible wings that lifted them from mere farmers to thriving entrepreneurs. Mutsa’s story is a testament to the power of collaboration, knowledge, and unwavering support. It is a story that whispers hope, proving that even in the heart of rural Zimbabwe, dreams can take flight, one bee, one book, one cow blessing at a time.