Gender equality – a slow journey forward

Maria Frroku and Leze Prendi. Photo: Malin von Strauss
Maria Frroku and Leze Prendi. Photo: Malin von Strauss
That women should have the same rights as men is a given according to Maria Frroku, but she believes the progress is moving too slowly.  

Maria is a member of We Effect’s partner organisation AgroPuka and she is running a study circle with 22 participants. All members are women.

– It’s hard to get men involved, but we need them. We need to work together, says Maria.

The group is working hard and with tough questions.

– Social problems, gender inequality, domestic violence, early marriages, and rape. The list of what’s is brought to the group’s attention goes on and on, says Maria.

And of course it’s also about financial issues.

– The social and financial issues go hand in hand. When women get an income, they become more independent.

The biggest challenge according to Maria is to make women acknowledge the social problems and open up about them. And that’s why the study circle is so important.

– When people organise themselves in a group, something happens. It helps women define challenges and problems and come together on solutions. I would say it’s the biggest success, says Maria.