Jam and gender equality

Shirina Pjetri. Photo: Malin von Strauss.
Shirina Pjetri. Photo: Malin von Strauss.
Dake Gjoni demonstrates the different kinds of jam. All made from fruits and berries from the local mountains. They contain no preservatives and last for about a year.

– Here at the training centre, the participants learn to produce jam, then they bring their new knowledge back home, says Dake.

Dake Gjoni is a member of We Effect’s partner organisation AgroPuka.

She runs the training centre, as well as a women’s group in the village of Qelza in northern Albania. Dake also works as a teacher and has four sons. So one could say she has her hands full. But still, she is constantly moving forward.

– The group started 13 years ago and we have gone from 5 to 30 members. And I want it to grow even more.

Dake also wants to reach the youth.

– I encourage mothers to bring their older children. Actually, more and more young people have started to showing up, she says.

Participants in the group not only learn how to make jam. They also receive education on issues related to gender equality and women’s rights, decision-making, and climate.

– Of course, we also include men in our activities. It is necessary for real gender equality, isn’t it, says Dake.