Staying at home is not easy for a farmer

Raziko Rrënja, Albania Photo: Esmeralda Harizi
Raziko Rrënja, Albania Photo: Esmeralda Harizi
As part of the Roma community, one of the poorest and most vulnerable in Albania and in the region, Raziko Rrënja (69) has faced a lot of hardships in her life. Now she is standing before a new challenge to safely overcome the dangers brought upon by the coronavirus.

“We are obliged to stay at home. For a farmer it is not easy,” she remarks. But she is aware of the health hazards for her and her five-member family. Therefore, she tries to make the best of the situation with what she’s got, despite of the difficulties.

“We are in the planting and preparation season. There is a lot of work to be done. We need to build the greenhouse, but due to the restrictions we can’t keep up. This may result in a delay with the planting and timely sale of our products,” she argues.

Raziko and her family live off the land. They produce different products depending on the season. Some they sell and some they use themselves. Having a market is essential for securing an additional income for the family. But the corona crisis has created a lot of uncertainties.

“If this period lasts too long, then it will surely have negative consequences on our lives and our work,” she fears.