Valmira learns to read together with her children

Endri Audiu, Valmira Audiu and Eva Audiu. Photo: Malin von Strauss.
Endri Audiu, Valmira Audiu and Eva Audiu. Photo: Malin von Strauss.
Valmira Audiu reads with her two children every night. Or rather, Valmira's oldest daughter, Eva 9 years old, reads with mom Valmira and little brother Endri, 4 years old.

Valmira did not go to school as a girl and now learns to read together with her youngest son. Lack of education is common in the Roma community in Albania. Valmira grew up with five siblings and there was not enough money to send all children to school. The kids were needed at home. The parents also lacked education and had difficulty getting into the society. Now Valmira has made sure her daughter Eva is getting an education.

– I want to be a doctor when I grow up, says Eva, and Valmira smiles proudly.

Valmira is 28 years old and runs the family’s small-scale farming in a community outside the city of Berat, Albania. Her husband has different short-term jobs, mainly in construction.

With support from We Effect, little brother Endri – like his sister – has been given the opportunity to start school. Endri goes to one of the six preschools which is run by We Effect’s local partner organisation, AmaroDrom (with support by Swedish Children of the World). At the preschool, Endri and the other children learn to read and write, they receive medical care and they have a safe place to spend the day.

– I’m so glad my children are going to school. Living in poverty means I cannot fulfill my children’s wishes. With an education, they will be able to get better living conditions than we have today, says Valmira.

The preschool project also includes the children’s mothers. They get reading support themselves as well as advice on how to read with their children at home.

– It’s hard to learn to read as an adult, but I’m glad I get the chance. And that my daughter can help me, says Valmira, with a big smile.