El Salvador

Sandra Merlos, Abraham Henriquez, Rosa Manda y Cecilia Isabel, ACOVICON, El Salvador. Foto: Liinu Diaz Rämö

We Effect supports local housing cooperatives where members build homes according to a cooperative housing model that focuses on self-determination, joint construction and collective ownership. The cooperatives lobby decision-makers to push for the approval of new housing laws that facilitate more equitable access to housing.

We Effect also supports local farmer organizations and cooperative associations, building capacities so that they can better defend their interests and demand better conditions for production and commercialization. In El Salvador, We Effect works on the principle of fair resource allocation, ensuring that at least half of our aid targets women.

Housing cooperative in El Salvador

In northern El Salvador women from our partner housing cooperative are building homes for 62 families. Most families had to leave their homes due to gang violence. In this video Daisy Méndez tells us about the project.

A successful recipe for women’s empowerment

In the agricultural cooperatives of El Salvador, women have historically had no, or very little, participation in the productive work, and even less in formal decision-making. But in a cooperative in western El Salvador a bakery has started to change things.


Meet the women in El Salvador