We Effect applies a rights-based approach to development. In order to secure sustainability for our projects, we always work in partnership with local partner organisations.

Our activities are funded through donations and grants, mainly from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) but also from the public and from other organisations and institutions.

We Effect is also an active member of several international networks;

  • Concord Sweden, a platform made up of 81 Swedish civil society organisations. Together the platform works for a more just and sustainable world by influencing Swedish and European foreign and development policies.
  • Cooperatives Sweden, a platform organisation for Swedish cooperatives that promote, develop and unite cooperatives.
  • Swedwatch is an independent, non-profit research organisation. Swedwatch investigates the extent to which companies, investors, and authorities are taking responsibility for human rights and the environment advocating for change by building bridges across stakeholder groups.
  • International Cooperative Alliance and its Development platforms on European, LatinAmerican and Global levels where organisations supporting cooperative development have joined forces, coordinating actions, research, and advocacy.
  • Agricord – an alliance of 12 Agri agencies and 12 National Farmers Unions have joined forces for supporting farmers’ organisations in the global south.
  • EU-LAT is a network coordinating advocacy for human rights in Latin America
  • SIANI – a Swedish network open and inclusive network that supports and promotes multi-sector dialogue and action around the vision of sustainable agriculture for food security, improving nutrition, and the eradication of hunger
  • ILC – International Land Coalition – a network with more than 250 member organisations with the goal to realis land governance for and with people at the country level, responding to the needs and protecting the rights of those who live on and from the land.
  • Swedish FAO committee that assists the Government in its work for food security for all, while taking account of global development and the preservation of biodiversity in the areas of agriculture, forestry, and fisheries.

We Effect also works closely with

  • FAO – with whom we have a MoU that leads our collaboration on advocacy, exchange, and support to farmers organisations
  • ILO Coop – collaborating on building awareness and capacity around cooperatives