Creating space for partners

We Effect is a professional development organisation with extensive experience of working with democracy development and poverty reduction. We create space for our partners in several ways. You will find eight of them below.


Some of the largest cooperative and customer-owned companies and movements own us. Their support is our foundation. We are part of the global cooperative movement.


We are a development organisation that has sprouted from the Swedish cooperative movements. We know how to combine solidarity and solidity and want to show an effective way out of poverty through cooperation.


We support people who have come together to improve their living conditions. We do not engage in charity work. We seek collaboration with donors who share our values.


We take a stance for the equal rights of women and girls and we demand the same from our partner organisations. We measure how our development funds are distributed between women and men.


We work with organisations founded by people living in poverty. We walk hand in hand with our partner organisations and are not afraid to work with structurally weak organisations.


We make our presence felt through our own staff and together with our partner organisations. Most of our employees come from the countries in which we operate. They are experts within their fields and well acquainted with local conditions.


We always adopt a long-term approach. We strive for lasting results and understand that sustainable development takes time.


Our donors can be confident that their money reaches its destination and makes a difference. We report back through powerful stories and effective performance monitoring.