Photo: Marcus Lundstedt
Photo: Marcus Lundstedt

Our support to local organisations in Palestine is gathered in the programme Promoting Sustainable Rural Economy and Democracy in Palestine.

Supporting Iman Turkman, Ikram Whedi and other cooperative farmers is an integral part of We Effect’s work in Palestine. Photo: Marcus Lundstedt

The programme aims to contribute in the development of the social enterprise sector in the area, in particular the cooperatives. By empowering them, they are expected to become significant contributors to the social economy sector in Palestine. This will in turn reinforce the growth of the Palestinian economy in general.

We Effect also have Humanitarian Aid projects in Palestine.

Our work in Palestine includes strengthening the institutional and business capacities of cooperatives in the West Bank and Gaza, supporting cooperative unions in becoming more efficient in providing service to their members, strengthening capacities of cooperatives in the West bank to produce adequate and high quality products, such as honey, traditional food, grape juice and vinegar.