Our support to local organisations in Philippines is gathered in the programme “Working TOGETHER” –  working towards Gender Equality, Transformative Housing, and Empowerment of the Ruralfolk.

Gender Equality is the overarching goal and underlying principle of the programme. The main objective of the programme is to establish a strong movement of member-based organizations working together towards the fulfillment of basic human rights for women empowerment, sustainable rural development, and adequate housing.

The five-year programme aims to directly benefit 42,900 people, coming from 86 member-based organizations. Around 25 740, or 60 percent, are women.

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Nanay Placing Odencio, 77 years old, Rice Farmer, is photographed at her family owned rice fields, Sitio Isiro, Baranggay San Jose, Antipolo, Oct 14, 2020.

"We ate only porridge everyday"

Over 50 years, Placida Odencio and her husband Isidro have transformed an area of wilderness on the outskirts of Philippine capital Manila into a farm that supports them, their children and grandchildren. They have had to work hard, and at times have not had enough to eat.


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