Photo: Marcus Lundstedt
Photo: Marcus Lundstedt

In Albania, we support small-holder farmers, and our efforts are dedicated to promoting food security and sustainable development through a comprehensive range of initiatives. From supporting small-holder farmers in establishing cooperatives and empowering women in agriculture to diversifying economic activities and promoting sustainable farming practices, we work tirelessly to enhance agricultural productivity, address gender equality, and uplift marginalized communities. These multifaceted approaches are crucial for achieving long-term food security and sustainable development in the region.

Another important aspect of our work in Albania is alleviating poverty and improving integration for the Roma minority.

Marije and Jonida Shkja. Photo: Marcus Lundstedt

Partnership approach

We Effect collaborates with local partner organisations – which are member-based and represent the voice of the smallholder farmers and other vulnerable groups.


Jointly we advocate and work for economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable agriculture and rural development with a gender perspective.


In Albania, We Effect collaborates with four local partner organisations.

Photo: Marcus Lundstedt

Multi-country programme

Our work in Albania is part of the We Effect Europe multi-country programme (2023-2027), primarily focusing on sustainable rural development. The main emphasis is on national structures but also includes elements of regional processes, synergies, and structures. The programme functions as a platform to promote sustainable dialogue and regional cooperation. The programme includes support to local organisations in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and North Macedonia.


In Albania, we are also working through four national projects:

Improved Livelihoods in Northeast Albania

Partner organisation: AgroPuka

The project’s primary goal is to strengthen the organizational capacities of We Effect’s partner organization, AgroPuka, with the aim of driving sustainable improvements in the lives of people residing in Northeast Albania’s rural areas. The project directly contributes to raising the income levels of both men and women within these rural communities, stemming from agricultural and various other endeavours. This, in turn, results in enhanced living conditions, increased engagement in advocating for change, the promotion of gender equality, and the full protection of human rights.

Building Sustainable Rural Livelihoods of Roma Community in Albania

Partner organisation: Amaro-Drom

The project’s central focus lies in diminishing poverty within the Roma community in Albania by strengthening the organizational capacity of We Effect’s partner organization, Amaro-Drom. It directly confronts the fundamental challenges faced by Roma community members, including the violation of their basic human rights, discrimination, high unemployment rates, limited agricultural productivity, a lack of non-agricultural opportunities, and social exclusion from society.

The project’s overarching objective is to enhance Amaro-Drom’s organizational capabilities, enabling them to deliver business-oriented services and advocate for the social inclusion and economic empowerment of Roma community members.

Equity in Food, Rights and Participation for a Sustainable Rural Development

Partner organisation: Une Gruaja

This project aims to empower local communities, especially women, by improving living conditions for those living in poverty in the Korca Region in Albania. (Municipality of Pogradec)

It establishes support groups, provides access to information and services, and promotes networking and partnerships to create sustainable change. Through training programs, it enhances disaster risk management and reduces rural community vulnerabilities.

The project focuses on strengthening the capacities of Une Gruaja to support and address the socio-economic needs of rural women, strengthening the capacities of Local Action Groups (LAGs) to effectively mobilize and provide support for community actions and reactions pertaining to food security, to enhance financial sustainability for small-scale farmers and ensuring gender equality.

Overall, the project integrates various agendas and initiatives to address poverty, hunger, gender inequality, climate change, and ecosystem protection.

Healthy and Sustainable Agriculture Resilient to Climate Change

Partner organisation: Adad Malore

The project focuses on mountainous areas of Albania and aims to strengthen the organizational capacities of ADAD Malore while promoting healthy and sustainable living, climate change adaptation, gender equality, and economic empowerment of women. The project seeks to improve the living conditions of producers and rural communities in Albania.

The strengthening of ADAD Malore involves enhancing organizational and governance capacities, expanding services for members, and prioritizing women and young people. Healthy and sustainable living encompasses agricultural development, rural economy diversification, agro-tourism, and agro-environmental practices. The project aims to increase farm production capacity through new technologies, good agricultural practices, and market connections. It also emphasizes the improvement of marketing, packaging, labelling, and certification of products.