Photo: Marcus Lundstedt
Photo: Marcus Lundstedt

In Albania, we support smallholder farmers to create new cooperatives by providing trainings on cooperative values and principles.

We work with gender equality, supporting women to improve their unfavourable socio-economic situation. Further, we support smallholder farmers to diversify their economic activities and we raise awareness among them about environmental issues and concerns.

Another important aspect of our work in Albania is alleviating poverty and improving integration for the Roma minority.

Partnership approach

We Effect collaborates with local partner organisations – which are member-based and represent the voice of the smallholder farmers and other vulnerable groups.

Jointly we advocate and work for economically, environmentally and socially sustainable agriculture and rural development with a gender perspective.

In Albania, We Effect collaborates with three local partner organisations.

Multi-country programme
Our work in Albania is part of the We Effect Europe multi-country programme (2018-2022), primarily focusing on sustainable rural development. The main emphasis is on national structures but also includes elements of regional processes, synergies and structures. The programme functions as a platform to promote sustainable dialogue and regional cooperation. The programme includes support to local organisations in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Moldova and North Macedonia.

In Albania, we are also working through three national projects:

Sustainable Improvement of the Livelihood of People in Rural Areas of North Eastern Albania

Partner organisation: AgroPuka

The project aims to strengthen the organisational capacities of our partner organisation AgroPuka, as a driving force for sustainable improvement of the livelihood of the people living in the rural areas of Northeast Albania. The project is directly contributing to increased income of the men and women from the rural communities, from farming and other activities, leading to improvement of their living conditions, their active engagement in advocating for change, mainstreaming of gender equality and full respect of human rights.

Community Empowerment for Sustainable Rural Development

Partner organisation: Agrinet

Main objective of the project is development of our partner organisation Agrinet as a strong network of farmers’ organisations that is contributing to a sustainable community development, through provision of wide range of quality services to the members of the rural communities, with strong focus on gender equality and human rights.

Sustainable Improvement of Livelihood of Roma Community in Albania

Partner organisation: Amaro-Drom

The focus of the project is on poverty reduction among the members of the Roma community in Albania, through organisational strengthening of our partner organisation Amaro-Drom.

The project is directly addressing the core problems of the Roma community members, such as: lack of respect and fulfilment of their basic human rights, discrimination, unemployment, low agricultural outputs, absence of off-farm opportunities and social exclusion from the society.

The project aims to strengthen Amaro-Droms’ organisational capacities for provision of business-oriented services and advocacy aimed at social inclusion of the members of the Roma communities and their economic empowerment.