North Macedonia

Rahela Trantalovska, apple farmer from North Macedonia. Photo by Ljiljana Mitevska
Rahela Trantalovska, apple farmer from North Macedonia. Photo by Ljiljana Mitevska

We Effect’s work in North Macedonia is focused on promoting self-sustainable profitable models of agriculture and rural development activities. Our efforts are aimed at greater justice and equal distribution of resources in the rural areas. Furthermore, our goal is to increase the access of the smallholder farmers to trainings and marketing information, as well as to strengthen the local farmer organisations and cooperatives so they can increase their crop yield and revenue.

Gender equality and inclusion of young farmers is an integral part in all our work. We foster women’s economic empowerment and increased entrepreneurship among women and youth.

Equally important part of what we do is advocacy. Through our partner organisations we are trying to be actively involved in the crucial decision-making processes related to agriculture and rural development. In this context, in North Macedonia, We Effect is represented in the Sector Working Group for Agriculture and Rural Development, within the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy.

Another important aspect of our work in North Macedonia is improving the integration of the members of the Roma community in the country.

Partnership approach

We Effect collaborates with local partner organisations – which are member-based and represent the voice of the smallholder farmers and other vulnerable groups.

Jointly we advocate and work for economically, environmentally and socially sustainable agriculture and rural development with a gender perspective.

In North Macedonia, We Effect collaborates with two local partner organisations.

Multi-country programme
Our work in North Macedonia is part of the We Effect Europe multi-country programme (2018-2022), primarily focusing on sustainable rural development. The main emphasis is on national structures but also includes elements of regional processes, synergies and structures. The programme functions as a platform to promote sustainable dialogue and regional cooperation. The programme includes support to local organisations in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Moldova and North Macedonia.

In North Macedonia, we are also working through four national projects:

Institutional Support to National Federation of Farmers

Partner organisation: National Federation of Farmers (NFF)

The project’s main goal is to develop the organization of farmers, NFF, as a national network for lobby and advocacy, representing the farmers’ interests in the country. Taking this into consideration the project is structured in four pillars, including organizational development, business development, lobby and advocacy and gender equality. Each pillar has specifics in relation to rural and agriculture development.

The specific objectives include: socio-economic development of the rural areas, rural poverty decrease, fostering entrepreneurship for youth and women farmers, gender equality, adaptation of the farming to climate change conditions, expanding the markets for agricultural products and creation of legal and business framework for development of agriculture, support in regard to the EU accession processes etc.